An ArtisticPreneurial Challenge


Filmmakers of Thrillumentaries have a lot to learn from ArtisticPreneurs. I say this as a maker of Thrillumentaries myself who finds himself learning from ArtisticPreneurial wisdom each and every day.

Thrillumentary Filmmakers are ArtisticPreneurs Too

Even though it goes without saying, the filmmakers who make Thrillumentaries are ArtisticPreneurs also. They have to be to keep their productions running smoothly from development clear through to distribution and marketing. The following piece was originally written for the ArtisticPreneur Newsletter and is shown again here with permission.

A Scary Phrase

Do you know what is one of the phrases that ArtisticPreneurs don’t like to hear? Quite simply it is “We are experiencing technical difficulties.” And at present we ARE experiencing a technical difficulty that is not our fault but is instead that of one of our vendors.

It’s All About Your Response

Without describing in detail what kind of technical challenge we are experiencing, it is suffice to say that it is quite a major one in terms of our art and business. And as is the case whenever an ArtisticPreneur comes up against an obstacle, it is more about what she or he does in response to facing a wall than the wall itself.

Do What is Needed

In our case we are captives of a situation of which we ultimately cannot do anything about other than to maintain communication with the person who built the wall and rally for her or him to do away with the obstruction. That’s our strategy and it is the only one that makes sense to us.

A Quote from “Shark Tank”

As Robert on “Shark Tank” says “Poopoo will happen.” And what we’re going through is definitely poopoo.

Focus on Being Productive

Of course there is also the option to scream out and chastise the perpetrator but this is counterproductive in terms of resolving the circumstance. So instead we are waiting it out and planning our solution.


The problem has been fixed. It took 3 days. It’s such a relief. But why is this our topic for this week? The reason is that it is a living example of the importance for ArtisticPreneurs to bounce back from difficult situations.
We used this cliche earlier but what we do with an obstruction is more important than the obstruction itself. There’s usually a work around for any situation in the arts and business, the two domains of ArtisticPreneurs.