Seeking a Technique

If you have been following this blog for any length of time then you know we are, on an ongoing basis, seeking to build a technique. Here are some thoughts we have had about this lately. What is a technique anyway? Some define it as: “…a way of carrying out a particular task, especially the […]

An ArtisticPreneurial Challenge

Thrillumentary Filmmakers are ArtisticPreneurs Too Even though it goes without saying, the filmmakers who make Thrillumentaries are ArtisticPreneurs also. They have to be to keep their productions running smoothly from development clear through to distribution and marketing. The following piece was originally written for the ArtisticPreneur Newsletter and is shown again here with permission. A […]

Movie or Other Creative Project

“Thrillumentary” was a movie, the producing of which was done to explore a new filmmaking process. But whether you are producing a motion picture or another creative project, a form of financing to consider is sponsorship. The idea of sponsorship is detailed in the latest Art Gush course as well as in an article found […]

NYC Create Gives Insight into Movie Budget Strategies

NYC Create gives insight into movie budget strategies meaning our prior given concept regarding raising funds for your motion picture are now outdated. You still need to think like an artistic entrepreneur or artisticpreneur, but now with the new tax law going the small nonprofit arts organization may not be the way to go. The […]

John Yianni Stamas Says The Fans Have Spoken

“Fans” is a curious term in contemporary times. It really means supporters – to whom we are very grateful. And the “fans” have spoken. We feel pretty lucky to have the list of creative individuals that we do. After our message last week discussing the challenges we were having with the production “Thrillumentary” we got […]