Coronavirus Feeling Caged


It’s a horror film of sort. The kind where a disease is spread or could spread unless something is done about it. Of course, at this point the disease has spread and many of us are in lockdown.


For some being in quarantined makes them feel caged. There is a strong desire to go outside as well as a fear of doing so. And that fear is justified. It is unknown what will happen if you mingle with people at the social distancing of 6 feet with a mask on.

Caged Versus Death

Scary movies often have scary villain who are out to find and kill people. We are living that scary movie right now, only instead of being pursued by zombies we are being chased by COVID-19. Should we venture out or stay inside and feel caged?

Continuing to Analyze the Thrillumentary Project

A Little Known Fact

A little known fact that as the days passed both before the shoot and after, I was speaking into a camera lens every night creating the video curriculum for those who had signed up on our eLearning site to track the progress and possibly apply the techniques to their own projects.

Videos Tracking a Process

It was fun making those videos because as I would film them my wife and our young daughter would inevitably make cameo appearances in the background. One day I might release these tapes as a series online. Their prior use could only be viewed by those taking the course.

They Might Come Back

If you have an interest in seeing these tapes please let us know. If enough of you respond we may bring them back again.