How To Digitally Transform Learning from the Thrillumentary Model

Thrillumentary for Home Business Achievers.

As some of you know we embarked on a project we called “Thrillumentary” that was a thriller done in a documentary style. The goal of the undertaking was to show that a movie could be made by just one person and whatever actors were involved. In many ways it was similar to being a solopreneur who is someone who has a home business that is run and fulfilled by just one individual.

Industries that Require In-Person Exchanges

It can be a painful and scary process seeking out customers for your Home Business, especially with the ups and downs we are experiencing in the USA today. Questions arise such as how you will weather the storm, especially for those who have businesses that can only bring in revenue through meeting with clients in person and not via digital means.

It is Time to Digitally Transform Before It is Too Late

The businesses that have done the best in our current economy and period of uncertainty, are companies that can do their marketing and delivery predominately online. It is recommended that to survive, those entrepreneurial ventures that rely on being in the same room as client, figure out a way to “digitally transform” their enterprise, adding at least one or more digital components.

Getting Trapped in Keyword Mania

The USA has its own unique way of creating and implementing online strategies to get results. The result that is often sought is to sell something. But this is even more difficult to do with all that is going on. Plus, a tremendous amount of money can be spent trying to figure out the best keywords to use to capture the kind of client you need.

Continuing to Analyze the Thrillumentary Project

A Little Known Fact

A little known fact that as the days passed both before the shoot and after, I was speaking into a camera lens every night creating the video curriculum for those who had signed up on our eLearning site to track the progress and possibly apply the techniques to their own projects.

Videos Tracking a Process

It was fun making those videos because as I would film them my wife and our young daughter would inevitably make cameo appearances in the background. One day I might release these tapes as a series online. Their prior use could only be viewed by those taking the course.

They Might Come Back

If you have an interest in seeing these tapes please let us know. If enough of you respond we may bring them back again.

Yianni Stamas Lets it Be Known that Thrillumentary will be Filmed at the Platinum Pias Tomorrow

Let it be known that “Thrillumentary” will be filmed at the Platinum Pias Community Awards Show tomorrow. If you’ve never attended the Platinum Pias and would like to, this will be a good one to visit because we will also be shooting the “Thrillumentary” motion picture there. For more information on attending, go here for info.

Thrillumentary Presence at the Platinum Pias Awards

“Thrillumentary” has a presence at this year’s Platinum Pias in a couple of different ways. The first is through mentions during the show as well as in the program. The other is via the fact that a scene from “Thrillumentary” will be filmed at the event!

And not only that, the show is in just over a week! If you are in the New York area and would like to attend the Pias this year, check out this blog entry on

How to Get Funding for Your Movie or Creative Project

We will be giving a university lecture next month as a part of a State University of New York, Empire State College clinic on arts and entertainment. The topic will be “How to Get Funding for Your Movie or Creative Project.”

This will be ushering in the new wave of funding for movies working with nonprofit rather than for-profit organizations.

Although it is a bit of a spoiler (though there will be much more information at the lecture), we are going to give you the 3 steps you need to take to raise funds for your project if you are a nonprofit or have a nonprofit umbrella.

Remember, getting a nonprofit umbrella is easy working through such service organizations as Fractured Atlas. This will mean that you are able to accept donations for your movie or creative project and the donor can write off the donation on his or her taxes.

Here now are the three steps:

  1. First off take care of old while you bring in new. Now find the right fit because you need to be presenting what it is you do to an appropriate like-minded audience.
  2. Next engage that audience in something interactive. How do you somehow get them involved in what you are doing?
  3. Now interact with them. Figure out a way to continue to interact with them. Develop in the mind of the potential donor a reason why they would want to be involved with your project. Listen to their needs and desires. Remember, be a solution to their problems and you’ll be able to make “the ask.” Next repeat the 3 step process.

Hope this was helpful.

Documenting Our Filmmaking Process

May 21, 2016 at 11am it all started – the reading of the very first draft of the theater/web/film undertaking, “Thrillumentary.” The script, which was written earlier that month (in a just a few short weeks), was read by some talented union actors. We wanted to use these actors in the actual project, but unfortunately, due to budget constraints and the fact they were union, this didn’t seem possible.

So instead, on June 4th, 2016, we embarked on the Art Gush Method of Digital Filmmaking with an emphasis on doing the production nonunion. This was a process of taking the steps to make the film, then documenting our steps on the newly created membership site

The Art Gush membership grew quickly and soon we were developing a movie, sharing the three steps a day that we were using, and in turn having folks apply these same steps to their own motion pictures in development!

The great thing about the Art Gush Method is that it simplifies the filmmaking process for those who have a basic understanding of using camcorders (or mobile phones) and have a bit of knowledge about editing apps.

Sometimes, people talk about making feature films but never undergo the steps to do it. By taking just three steps a day, lasting a half hour to two hours a day (most days), we look forward to having a finished full length movie within only two years!

Can a theater piece become a web series and then a feature film all within two years? Stay tuned!

“Thrillumentary” Thrilled to be Mentioned in Lights Camera Read Blog

“Thrillumentary” is thrilled to be mentioned in a recent Lights Camera Read blog entry. We were also commented on in today’s Newsletter.

We’ve been asked about our relationship with the Platinum Pias Community Awards Show for Artists and how we fit in together.

The Platinum Pias and “Thrillumentary” are both being produced by Lights Camera Read.

In fact, there is a literacy aspect to the plot of “Thrillumentary” in that one of the characters is a librarian.

Regarding “Thrillumentary” Audition Tomorrow


Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is the audition for “Thrillumentary: Making a Difference Can Be Murder” as seen in “Backstage.” At this point we’re casting for the table read and promotional trailer only.

They say it is going to be a bit chilly tomorrow, so bundle up!

The audition will be at the Producers Club at 358 West 44th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues in New York, NY.

If you have an appointment it will occur at some point between 11:00AM and 12:10PM and then there will be a brief open call from 12:10PM to 12:45PM. We will see as many people during the open call as we can and then will collect resumes from those remaining.

We have been overwhelmed by the response we have received for this audition. We are also in awe of how many talented actors there are in New York City.

But I guess it makes sense that the quality is high because as the saying goes – if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere…

It is not going to be easy selecting a cast for the table read and and trailer, and there will be several people involved in those choices.

We have been asked how we are going to determine who will be picked for what role? All we can say is that it will be an intuitive thing based on the actor’s craft, creativity and fit for the part.

We’re not so much interested in specific “types” as much as temperaments.

We are not going in with any preconceived notions. Only open hearts and our own acting training and experience.

We are grateful for our team tomorrow which includes A. Baynes (our casting director), Rodger Taylor (our second CD (of as well as Richard T. Oliver (engineered and co-produced 2 Grammy winning records!)

See you tomorrow!

The Lights Camera Read Team