Studying “Night of the Living Dead”

It is known that the Thrillumentary filmmaking genre was greatly impacted by the original 1968 version of “Night of the Living Dead.” And the eventual experiment that was done, drawing from studying its process, made it up to the point of post production. What’s next? We’ll have to wait and see.

The Thrillumentary and Exploration of AI Possibilities

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, the term ‘Thrillumentary’ has become synonymous with the exciting journey of learning and leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to turn entrepreneurial dreams into reality. In the thrilling storyline of entrepreneurship, AI plays the role of a potent catalyst, fueling innovation, creativity, and efficiency. This article aims to illuminate the […]

Will Your Chat Bot Star in Your Business or Thrillumentary?

Lights, camera, chatbot! Learning the steps to creating a chatbot to serve as a customer service representative and an engaging AI personality can be a fun and creative process, akin to producing a motion picture. By exploring various visual styles and characters, including animals, businesses can design a unique chatbot that captures their brand identity, […]

Although Initially Thrillumentary was thought of as a Film Genre, the Idea of Thriller Meets Documentary Can Now Have Business and Even SALES Application…Can this Work for YOU?!

The Thrillumentary technique is a powerful way to create a connection with your customers and build trust.  By creating a thrilling and entertaining documentary-style video about your business, you can capture the attention of your customers and keep them engaged. Clearly this is going to make the most sense with companies of certain industries. This […]

They Watch You

People Watching People Thrillumentary is a Made Up Word The term “Thrillumentary” was originated as a way to describe a new genre of entertainment which was a combination of a documentation of real life crime, with the idea of a thriller. The category is now called “True Crime” and it is very popular. Both descriptions […]

Chapter 10 is a Wrap

What I Thought was Going to Happen My take initially, was that I would spend under 5 minutes jotting down some ideas and then move on to creating a quick check-in on this blog. But it did not occur like that. Instead I was glued to generating concepts that could be helpful for other stuff […]

A Thrillumentary Reaching Out for Funding

The Genre of “Thrillumentary” Turns Out to Still be in High Demand! The “Thrillumentary” genre is alive and well and offers new opportunities for emerging filmmakers as an effective manner for getting out your own personal message or that of your client. There are currently many streaming sites out there that allow you to charge […]

Can Luck Be Created?

Make Luck Happen As our regular readers known, the mission of Thrillumentary is to engage in a movie process experiment inspired by the frugal working process of the classic cult movie, “Night of the Living Dead” made in 1968 made with virtually no budget yet went on to be a great success. One might think […]