Creative Process

Chapter 10 is a Wrap

What I Thought was Going to Happen

My take initially, was that I would spend under 5 minutes jotting down some ideas and then move on to creating a quick check-in on this blog. But it did not occur like that. Instead I was glued to generating concepts that could be helpful for other stuff I am involved with. I guess what I am trying to convey is the hilarity of the creative process, for which if you do not document everything your are thinking, it is a brain mode you will never be able to recreate. Therefore, if you wanted the goods from your mind, better do the notes now.

Three Hours Spent on Something Totally Unexpected

I had planned with this writing to mention that it has been a long time since this blog was updated and how I was glad to be able to bring to a close the actual digital Thrillumentary files that had been generated throughout with an eye to developing the methodology. Some people were aware of files in the filming or production phase. But what a lot of people did not know is that a “band” had been pulled to together for this undertaking, each musician working remotely, and who physical location were in countries all across the world.

Remote Music Collaboration Pre-Pandemic

The musicians’ participation was a fascinating procedure for me. I would come up with an actual melody, then get it to a keyboard player in Ireland. He would lay down some tracks, and then I would get the files to a guitarist in the UK to do his part. There was another person who would stick in random moments of an opera singer. Which turned out better than I had expected.

The Ending of a Decade Long Tradition

A standup cellist was involved from Germany, and of course a singer (she resided in the south in the States). Actually, there were two vocalists in total involved. The woman who I just mentioned plus a man. The woman sang most of the songs, 8 out of 9. But the male crooner did not participate in the 9th ditty. There was a 10th song which was the official tune of an awards show I used to produce. Even though we were in year 10 of the extravaganza, we had never had a theme song. This 10th annual installment of the awards performance was to be our last.

Closing a Book

It was the 10th and final one because a friend of mine had passed. He was someone who had shared his insights and spirit on the annual production and was missed greatly. Not only just his having been an amazing friend to me, he also brought to the production a sense of community and warmth which resonated with audiences. Him leaving this so-called “tangible” world and moving into the intangible one, had a great impact. Not only on me, grieving the loss, but also what all of us involved with the project experienced. He brought to the awards show an activism for humanity that could not be reinvented. Hence, the production ended its decade long history. Chapter 10 is a wrap.