Important Media Elements

All Forms of Motion and Animation

The original Thrillumentary mission had to do with doing the film experiment for which documentation was done daily in the form of an eCourse, lasting over a year and a half. Now that, that’s been completed successfully, the new goal is to use the power of video and other forms of animation (animated GIFs etc.) to make a difference in marketing.

Animation Can Sometimes Mean More Sales

One form of animation that exists as of this writing, is the animated logo and slogan of This has proven to be an eye catcher and seems to have had a part in increasing engagement with the site visitors.

People Love Quizzes

So now Thrillumentary has joined forces with and (eLearning) to explore all forms of engagement that are possible. One such success story is the interactive quiz on the site.

Tongue Firmly in Cheek

This quiz asks you 10 questions about you and how you are with website companies and then lets you know at the end if you’d be a good fit with USA create. Of course all of this is meant to be tongue in cheek, and it appears it is being taken as such.

The MultiMedia Movie Making Matrix and Methodology

The reason for’s involvement is that ultimately there is an interest among all participants in being able to make projects such that they easily convert into online courses.  This would be similar to the way that Thrillumentary was on making documentation into installments of the MultiMedia Movie Making Matrix and Methodology.


Most solutions coming out of this partnership are more likely than not to be marketing and promotion oriented. This will be done with lessons taken from the website “How to Get New Customers” (


We at Thrillumentary are, well, thrilled to be a part of this collaboration. We think it is very important that marketing evolves as changes in technology occur. Ever day there is a new way to be in touch with potential customers as well as existing ones.

Getting in Touch

If you have any questions regarding all of this feel free to get in touch with us by subscribing to the Newsletter.

Thrillumentary Deemed a Success

Thrillumentary Did What it Was Supposed to Do

After much analysis we’ve returned to our original determination which is that despite the audio and editing not being completed, Thrillumentary did was it was supposed to do. And not only do just we think so, the Stamas Bros do as well. And not only the bros, so does the think tank from USA eLearning.

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

The real goal of Thrillumentary was to study the process that had been developed to enable an individual to be able to do a full length motion picture with no crew and only actors. This means that one person is a writer, director, producer, actor and so forth.

Remote Viewing by Students

The entire year and a half of the experience was documented both in audio and written form which was a class open to the public online. Participation occurred with folks from all over the world including Australia.

You Do as I Do

The idea being that by seeing how the Thrillumentary filmmaker was doing a movie, the viewer of the process could learn how to do it as well.

Thinkific for Phase One

Thinkific was employed as the L.M.S. of choice (Learning Management System), meaning that audio recordings and PDFs were uploaded to later be downloaded by course participants such as the Stamas Bros.

USA eLearning

Some members of the think tank that spawned the project have gone on to start a new entity known as USA eLearning that will be offering services, eBooks and courses to hand picked people from the general public or inside recommendations.

An eBook is Coming

USA eLearning is slated to release an eBook first. The topic will be Internet Guerrilla Marketing. They are also working on a complete eCourse, but as of this writing there is no sense of when the release date will be.

And the Search Continues

What is known is that there is a lot of enthusiasm for this endeavor. Our best of luck to all concerned!