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USAcreate Emerges in New York City

It’s big news that the Platinum PIAs event is now going to be called the Awards Show, but that’s not the only story!


Realizing Your Dream

We’re not the first to get wind of this story out but we may be the most passionate. Very exciting news: is emerging. It means that all those who have an American Dream will, via, be able to use marketing online to get closer and closer to realizing that dream. The slogan by sums it all up: “USA Create Your American Dream Online.”

Breaking out the News After Around Eight Months

It’s incredible how quickly time passes but it’s already been around eight months since last we last left a post. We took a much needed rest after being in the thick off creating a movie using our special process. But we had to break the silence to give you the news that is finally here!

We have the Inside Track

We have to admit we had an inside track regarding We know one of the members of the Blogger Coalition that is working with them. You see, has partnerships with various bloggers and blogs to get out a message of positivity and hope for America. And they’re doing it by supporting blogs in ways that include hosting, marketing and other services at no cost. They are doing so because they believe that it is through unified movements like the Blogger Coalition that it becomes possible to get the word out.

The Blogger Coalition

You may know that the founder of manages the Blogger Coalition which consists of over 30 blogs. Some of these blogs are for clients and others are designated for community purposes and in house projects. What you may not have heard about is that the mission of the Coalition is to not only to give visibility to those who are making a difference, but it is also one of the most direct pathways to becoming nominated for a Platinum PIA (the event that is now called The Awards Show)! So much changes in just eight months!

Blog Coverage Publicity

John Yianni Stamas Speaks About Blog Coverage of the Thrillumentary Project

If you would like to get blog coverage publicity for your own DocuMystery or Thrillumentary please read this article and at the bottom of it you’ll find out how to do so.

Exciting News Regarding Movie Process!

The Manhattan Magician blogged on the Movie Process website about the procedure that was undertaken to produce a film. That film is Thrillumentary! Here’s an excerpt:

“The Manhattan Magician’s idea was simple. He would do 3 steps a day until he had a finished film using the Multi Media Movie Making Matrix and Methodology. Things went swimmingly. He would do 3 steps and then his students would do 3 steps. He would do another 3 steps and again his students would follow his lead doing those same 3 steps on their movie projects.”

Additional Blog Coverage by DocuMystery!

The prestigious DocuMystery blog also did a post about us! DocuMystery explores the Filmmaking Methodology for “Thrillumentary” as well as speaks about the inspiration that the original 1968 version of Night of the Living Dead had on Manhattan Magician. In the DocuMystery piece they speak of an in-person interview they had with Judith O’Dea who played the lead role of Barbara in the motion picture. Here is a bit regarding the topics that Ms. O’Dea covered in that interview.

“Ms. O’Dea had lots to say about a number of different topics that included how to break into the industry as an actor, why “Night of the Living Dead” has remained popular for so long, as well as of course some of the filmmaking process strategies that were implemented on “Dead.”

The Platinum PIAs Connection to Thrillumentary

An interesting connection exists in terms of the making of “Thrillumentary” and the Platinum PIAs Community Awards Show for ArtisticPreneurs. turns out that part of “Thrillumentary” was shot at the PIAs back in 2017. This is acknowledged by Lights Camera Read’s Yianni Stamas.

“It’s hard to believe that the Platinum PIAs Community Awards Show for ArtisticPreneurs are tomorrow! Wow, this came quickly.”

Do You Have a Creative Project that is Relevant to the ArtisticPreneur Mission?

So what have we learned from this coverage? Good projects get noticed! So if you have a creative project for which you’d like to get the word out and that you think is relevant to the ArtisticPreneur community, you can do what we did which was to contact the ArtisticPreneur website! acts as a kind of publicist for other sites that are a part of the ArtisticPreneur Movement.