They Watch You

People Watching People

Thrillumentary is a Made Up Word

The term “Thrillumentary” was originated as a way to describe a new genre of entertainment which was a combination of a documentation of real life crime, with the idea of a thriller. The category is now called “True Crime” and it is very popular. Both descriptions were originated as a part of a process to reach an audience.

People Watching People is Big Business

Entertainment companies will go through a lot to find a niche audience. And are willing to do anything they need to, to get those spectators. But Thrillumentary and True Crime are not the only ones tapping into a digital audience that will be receptive to their offer because because they like thrilumentaries and true crime.

Are You Aware of How Much of Yourself You are Giving Away to Mega Corps?

In fact, there are many businesses, from small to big corporations, that pursue and purchase specific audiences, that you may be a part of, without even knowing it. You and extremely private things are being sold to, again and again, to the highest bidder. This process involves much private information about you and the target demographic your unwittingly are a part of.

What is the “Method How” that They Use to Get Information About You?

Former magician, filmmaker and marketer Yianni Stamas focuses on the topic on his site today having a “Method How” to do something. But the use of the “Method How” to do something that he talks about is as applies to magic tricks. But the “Method How” we are bring up is wondering how big business get all that information about you so they can track you and offer you things to buy. That is quite a magic trick.

How do the Big Corporations Get all that Information About You?

But what is the secret? How do they get much of that info about you? The answer is quite simple, “you.” You give it to them. You give it up freely for joining a social media site, search engine and other web locations connected to the big brands.

Every Day they Control Much of What You See Online

Yes, you are being sold every day to thousands and thousands of corporations, even to small businesses. Who you are and who you are sold to, along with other individuals generates collectively billions and billions of dollars. And many of the companies you are sold to are buying a bundle that contains your info as well as others. This frequently occurs through the purchase of a search or social ad.

You Are Being Sold to the Highest Bidder

This means the antitheses of the claims that big business is interested in helping you keep your privacy, that your privacy is very important to them. And of course when you are in the process of signing off on agreements with search engines and social media, If you are like many people, you do not adequately look at the fine print. Your information is the price you pay for getting an email on a search engine, or to join a social media platform. And once they have your private information that you have given in the trade, big corporations sell your information to the highest advertising bidder.

Are You Comfortable with This?

An audience is an important part of many kinds of businesses in a variety different industries. You are a product. You are bought and sold. Is this okay with you? Is signing away your privacy okay with you? Do you think, “Well everyone is doing it so it must be okay?”

Using Strategies Learned from the Thrillumentary Process, there is a New Venture that Could Lead to Unique Promotional Methods


How the Blog Thrillumentary Got Us Thinking About Less Expensive Ways to Promote Yourself and Your Business

New Venture Can’t Talk About Unless it is a Go

We are currently putting together an educational product that may never see the light of day. This is because we are in a development phase of putting together a game plan for a venture that is semi top secret at this very moment. In reality, there is really no point to getting into what the about and how it can be used online until it goes live if that even happens.

A Promoting Issue You May Have Too

Our thinking is this. Social Media and Search Engine ads have skyrocketed through the roof. And when you add to that, that this approach does not always work, it can be eye opening.

The Problem

Many business people just like you are looking for a solution to this problem. The out of pocket pricing is just too steep. They wonder if it is possible to not always have to resort to ads?

Discovering Processes

Our answer is “yes” and here is why. Over the years we have done Thrillumentary experiments in one form or the other. Each experiment had its own filmmaking discovery process.

Quality Music Produced with Bare Bones

In one incarnation, an entire album’s worth of songs of a high level of quality were done for a small fraction of what they would have cost to produce in any other context. This got us thinking. If we are able to do song recordings for low or no cost, could businesses have a similar low or no cost approach to promoting their businesses?

Facing Challenges

The answer is a resounding “yes.” And hence we started creating an eventual digital online education product entitled “Campaigns without Ads.” Again, we are still not sure we feel that we are ready to launch this and other digital products. But, that said, this could be useful for helping small businesses owners who are experiencing major challenges due to COVID and other current issues.

It is Important to Support Small Businesses Regardless of Your Community

Keep your eyes on this blog, as well as others from the Blog Coalition of 59 or so blogs. If you are a small business owner, we will not forget you!

Chapter 10 is a Wrap

What I Thought was Going to Happen

My take initially, was that I would spend under 5 minutes jotting down some ideas and then move on to creating a quick check-in on this blog. But it did not occur like that. Instead I was glued to generating concepts that could be helpful for other stuff I am involved with. I guess what I am trying to convey is the hilarity of the creative process, for which if you do not document everything your are thinking, it is a brain mode you will never be able to recreate. Therefore, if you wanted the goods from your mind, better do the notes now.

Three Hours Spent on Something Totally Unexpected

I had planned with this writing to mention that it has been a long time since this blog was updated and how I was glad to be able to bring to a close the actual digital Thrillumentary files that had been generated throughout with an eye to developing the methodology. Some people were aware of files in the filming or production phase. But what a lot of people did not know is that a “band” had been pulled to together for this undertaking, each musician working remotely, and who physical location were in countries all across the world.

Remote Music Collaboration Pre-Pandemic

The musicians’ participation was a fascinating procedure for me. I would come up with an actual melody, then get it to a keyboard player in Ireland. He would lay down some tracks, and then I would get the files to a guitarist in the UK to do his part. There was another person who would stick in random moments of an opera singer. Which turned out better than I had expected.

The Ending of a Decade Long Tradition

A standup cellist was involved from Germany, and of course a singer (she resided in the south in the States). Actually, there were two vocalists in total involved. The woman who I just mentioned plus a man. The woman sang most of the songs, 8 out of 9. But the male crooner did not participate in the 9th ditty. There was a 10th song which was the official tune of an awards show I used to produce. Even though we were in year 10 of the extravaganza, we had never had a theme song. This 10th annual installment of the awards performance was to be our last.

Closing a Book

It was the 10th and final one because a friend of mine had passed. He was someone who had shared his insights and spirit on the annual production and was missed greatly. Not only just his having been an amazing friend to me, he also brought to the production a sense of community and warmth which resonated with audiences. Him leaving this so-called “tangible” world and moving into the intangible one, had a great impact. Not only on me, grieving the loss, but also what all of us involved with the project experienced. He brought to the awards show an activism for humanity that could not be reinvented. Hence, the production ended its decade long history. Chapter 10 is a wrap.

A Thrillumentary Reaching Out for Funding

The Genre of “Thrillumentary” Turns Out to Still be in High Demand!

The “Thrillumentary” genre is alive and well and offers new opportunities for emerging filmmakers as an effective manner for getting out your own personal message or that of your client. There are currently many streaming sites out there that allow you to charge customers money to see your thrillumentary. And more and more streaming services like this are being added all the time! But the question arises as to how do you create video content that both entertains and gets out your thoughts and feelings about a hot button issue or becomes a means of your client widening the number of eyes in conjunction with marketing their business?

The Tightrope of Having Advertisers Subsidizing Your

First off, if your goal of making a thrillumentary as a means of helping a client to promote their business, you are walking a tightrope. Step by step gets you closer and closer to your destination, but as small a thing as a slight misstep can cause a project to be derailed. If the perception is that the thrillumentary you are making has only one goal which is to promote something, people will likely lose interest in it quickly. You have at least two ways to face this problem. One is to keep the commercial content away from the thrillumentary story content. Think the old days of television having commercials running in-between the featured programing. The sponsors are seeking the audience that will be attracted to your Thrilllumentary. But aside from that, nary a mix be made. That is the first solution.

Product Placement, Good or Bad

The second solution is to give in to the concept of “product placement.” How? By calling your thrillumentary what it is: one long commercial! If you craft the storyline properly with a little sly wink to convey that you are selling while entertaining, you can make the viewer become an ally in the process. But this is not always easy to do in terms of being clever about the advertising process. If you do not meld story with advertising in a compelling way, you could lose viewers. But do not rule out “Breaking the 4th wall.” Test your concept with family, friends, and collaborators. They may give you constructive criticism. Or maybe not. Either way product placement used to facilitate the making of your Thrillumentary is worth at least looking in to.

Can Luck Be Created?

Make Luck Happen

As our regular readers known, the mission of Thrillumentary is to engage in a movie process experiment inspired by the frugal working process of the classic cult movie, “Night of the Living Dead” made in 1968 made with virtually no budget yet went on to be a great success. One might think that the filmmakers of “Night of the Living Dead” were just lucky. Which begs the question “Can you consciously make luck happen in your own life?”

A Crew of One

To clarify, our original Thrillumentary mission was to document on a daily basis our own evolving online course. This resulted in an ever-increasing web blueprint of installments or lessons on how to engage in a “no budget” feature film venture. The way it worked was that others got to follow along on the internet with developing their own motion pictures mimicking the steps we were taking. This occurred weekly, over a period of around a year and a half. Our thesis was that with new technology is was possible to make a feature length picture with a crew of just one person (other than the actors involved). We also were advocates for the use of phones as a resource for providing a means of shooting your digital motion picture as well as to edit and market it.

Trying Something New

But now that this productive cinematic experiment is behind us, we feel prompted to explore new projects such as how to create your own luck. Like anything it takes practice to achieve being able to learn how to frame disruptions as a chance to try something new.

Yianni Stamas Shares Insights into Today, December 18, International Migrants Day

New Beginning

Thrillumentary as a genre can often represents the frightening side of humanity, but today, December 18 is “International Migrants Day” is hopefully a celebration of light. We go inward over the scary and frightening ordeals that over 271,000,000 migrants bravely face when constructing their new existence, coming from all over the world. Migrants make the transition in the hopes of having a new beginning.

Fleeing Discrimination

They make their way trying to find safety and a chance of living the American Dream. Often when coming to our country migrants are attempting to leave behind discrimination and prejudice from their former country.

A Better Way

International Migrant’s Day honors and brings into focus the rights of all migrant workers and members of their families to seek comfort and a better way. International Migrants Day 2020, this year’s theme is “Reimagining Human Mobility.”

How To Digitally Transform Learning from the Thrillumentary Model

Thrillumentary for Home Business Achievers.

As some of you know we embarked on a project we called “Thrillumentary” that was a thriller done in a documentary style. The goal of the undertaking was to show that a movie could be made by just one person and whatever actors were involved. In many ways it was similar to being a solopreneur who is someone who has a home business that is run and fulfilled by just one individual.

Industries that Require In-Person Exchanges

It can be a painful and scary process seeking out customers for your Home Business, especially with the ups and downs we are experiencing in the USA today. Questions arise such as how you will weather the storm, especially for those who have businesses that can only bring in revenue through meeting with clients in person and not via digital means.

It is Time to Digitally Transform Before It is Too Late

The businesses that have done the best in our current economy and period of uncertainty, are companies that can do their marketing and delivery predominately online. It is recommended that to survive, those entrepreneurial ventures that rely on being in the same room as client, figure out a way to “digitally transform” their enterprise, adding at least one or more digital components.

Getting Trapped in Keyword Mania

The USA has its own unique way of creating and implementing online strategies to get results. The result that is often sought is to sell something. But this is even more difficult to do with all that is going on. Plus, a tremendous amount of money can be spent trying to figure out the best keywords to use to capture the kind of client you need.

Seeking a Technique

If you have been following this blog for any length of time then you know we are, on an ongoing basis, seeking to build a technique. Here are some thoughts we have had about this lately.

What is a technique anyway?

Some define it as:

“…a way of carrying out a particular task, especially the execution or performance of an artistic work or a scientific procedure.”

This sounds very much like what we are doing with this eBook.

Let’s break it down.

“…A way of carrying out a particular task…”

Yes, we are doing that, our task is showing a method of becoming a billionaire.

…especially the execution or performance of an artistic work or a scientific procedure…

This works also. The reason we are calling this a “Technique” rather than a “System” or other term is because the execution of it is both the performance of an artistic work as well as is a scientific procedure.

To Make Art or Not to Make Art?

Call To Action

Filmmaking, including the “Thrillumentary” style, can be a great tool for marketing and there is no reason to feel bad about using it. I know I, in my previous life as a filmmaker, would have feelings of guilt whenever I would use the medium to generate responses in an audience, especially if the result intended was to make those watching purchase a product or service.

Evil Media?

I know the concept of the “evils of advertising” doesn’t resonate with all of you reading this. In my case I had this belief for a long time because my hippie parents told me so. Especially my my mother who, before remotes, had a volume on and off plug in device built for our TV. She She also had made a box-like structure that the television would sit in, with curtains that could be closed so between viewings we would not think about media.

Action of Various Kinds

And now all these years later I am ironically a media marketer, not so much of social media, but of the creative mediums that come together for the purpose of entertaining an audience culminating in a call to action to buy something or take some kind of action of various kinds.

All in Good Taste?

My former hippie parents ultimately changed their tune. My father before he passed away, encouraged me to become a used car salesman while my PHD mother, who is still living, likes the idea of using media to to prompt someone to do something. Such as getting more students for the spiritual classes she teaches. All in good taste of course.

You can always get in touch with us for more info on our consulting and digital goods. Or for whatever reason.

Thrillumentary Course Revisited

As many of you know from reading this blog, Thrillumentary is a genre that is part thriller and part documentary and is a process that was documented with our online course with new installments daily. We received flack from some who thought we should never take it down from the internet. The reason we removed is was because the experiment had proved successful and was now over.

That’s why I am writing this now. To let you know we greatly appreciate your interest in the course, but it was intended as a way to document daily a few hours that were put toward making a feature film. And some of you followed along with participants as far off as Australia.

It was never intended to stay up. We knew that once the two years or so were completed, it was time to dismantle. But fear not, we have some more educational materials to be made available in the near future.