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Yianni Stamas Announces New Thrillumentary Website

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the new “Thrillumentary” website. It is this location, in addition to signing up for the NYC Make a Difference newsletter, that you’ll find the latest updates for this theater/web/film project.

“Thrillumentary,” as many of you know, is a creative endeavor that is being done in three phases: first it will be a theater piece, then a web series and finally a feature film.

At the time of this post, the fourth draft of a script exists for “Thrillumentary” and we are engaged in the casting process.

The big news though, is that “Thrillumentary” has been selected to be the official “learning film” for the 8th Annual Platinum Pias Awards for Artists. This means that educational information about the¬†evolution of “Thrillumentary” will be included in the ceremony itself. Also, the date of the Platinum Pias has just been announced as well as where it will be held in NYC this year.

By Thrillumentary

The filmmakers behind the documystery movie process experiment known as "Thrillumentary," wish to thank Judith O'Dea for generously giving of her time in person to speak with us regarding the filmmaking process used on the movie she starred in which is the 1968 version of "Night of the Living Dead."