How the Blog Thrillumentary Got Us Thinking About Less Expensive Ways to Promote Yourself and Your Business

New Venture Can’t Talk About Unless it is a Go

We are currently putting together an educational product that may never see the light of day. This is because we are in a development phase of putting together a game plan for a venture that is semi top secret at this very moment. In reality, there is really no point to getting into what the about and how it can be used online until it goes live if that even happens.

A Promoting Issue You May Have Too

Our thinking is this. Social Media and Search Engine ads have skyrocketed through the roof. And when you add to that, that this approach does not always work, it can be eye opening.

The Problem

Many business people just like you are looking for a solution to this problem. The out of pocket pricing is just too steep. They wonder if it is possible to not always have to resort to ads?

Discovering Processes

Our answer is “yes” and here is why. Over the years we have done Thrillumentary experiments in one form or the other. Each experiment had its own filmmaking discovery process.

Quality Music Produced with Bare Bones

In one incarnation, an entire album’s worth of songs of a high level of quality were done for a small fraction of what they would have cost to produce in any other context. This got us thinking. If we are able to do song recordings for low or no cost, could businesses have a similar low or no cost approach to promoting their businesses?

Facing Challenges

The answer is a resounding “yes.” And hence we started creating an eventual digital online education product entitled “Campaigns without Ads.” Again, we are still not sure we feel that we are ready to launch this and other digital products. But, that said, this could be useful for helping small businesses owners who are experiencing major challenges due to COVID and other current issues.

It is Important to Support Small Businesses Regardless of Your Community

Keep your eyes on this blog, as well as others from the Blog Coalition of 59 or so blogs. If you are a small business owner, we will not forget you!