Call To Action

Filmmaking, including the “Thrillumentary” style, can be a great tool for marketing and there is no reason to feel bad about using it. I know I, in my previous life as a filmmaker, would have feelings of guilt whenever I would use the medium to generate responses in an audience, especially if the result intended was to make those watching purchase a product or service.

Evil Media?

I know the concept of the “evils of advertising” doesn’t resonate with all of you reading this. In my case I had this belief for a long time because my hippie parents told me so. Especially my my mother who, before remotes, had a volume on and off plug in device built for our TV. She She also had made a box-like structure that the television would sit in, with curtains that could be closed so between viewings we would not think about media.

Action of Various Kinds

And now all these years later I am ironically a media marketer, not so much of social media, but of the creative mediums that come together for the purpose of entertaining an audience culminating in a call to action to buy something or take some kind of action of various kinds.

All in Good Taste?

My former hippie parents ultimately changed their tune. My father before he passed away, encouraged me to become a used car salesman while my PHD mother, who is still living, likes the idea of using media to to prompt someone to do something. Such as getting more students for the spiritual classes she teaches. All in good taste of course.

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