Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is the audition for “Thrillumentary: Making a Difference Can Be Murder” as seen in “Backstage.” At this point we’re casting for the table read and promotional trailer only.

They say it is going to be a bit chilly tomorrow, so bundle up!

The audition will be at the Producers Club at 358 West 44th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues in New York, NY.

If you have an appointment it will occur at some point between 11:00AM and 12:10PM and then there will be a brief open call from 12:10PM to 12:45PM. We will see as many people during the open call as we can and then will collect resumes from those remaining.

We have been overwhelmed by the response we have received for this audition. We are also in awe of how many talented actors there are in New York City.

But I guess it makes sense that the quality is high because as the saying goes – if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere…

It is not going to be easy selecting a cast for the table read and and trailer, and there will be several people involved in those choices.

We have been asked how we are going to determine who will be picked for what role? All we can say is that it will be an intuitive thing based on the actor’s craft, creativity and fit for the part.

We’re not so much interested in specific “types” as much as temperaments.

We are not going in with any preconceived notions. Only open hearts and our own acting training and experience.

We are grateful for our team tomorrow which includes A. Baynes (our casting director), Rodger Taylor (our second CD (of WurkNprogress.com) as well as Richard T. Oliver (engineered and co-produced 2 Grammy winning records!)

See you tomorrow!

The Lights Camera Read Team