The Fans Speak with a Question About Judith O’Dea

Doing a multimedia experiment like the one we did with the help of information given to us by Judith O’Dea, got old school at times.

A question we get asked frequently is:

“Did you really interview Judith O’Dea fore before you did the Thrillumentary Movie Experiment?”

Our answer is, “Yes of course.” And Ms. O’Dea gave us some very valuable information about the inner workings of this extremely low budget production. Judith O’ea played Barbara in the original 1968 version of “Night of the Living Dead.” The original “Night of the Living Dead” was one of the most successful indie horror films of all times.

One Person is All it Took

We never, in our wildest dreams, believed that one day we really would do the two year experiment known by some by its secret name: “The MultiMedia Moviemaking and Matrix Methodology.” In this experiment, other than the actors in front of the camera, there was only one person who had to wear the hat for all the roles both involving the camera and behind-the-scenes.

A Heartfelt Thanks to Ms. O’Dea

Thanks Ms. O’Dea! We appreciate your help in making a difference of those in the Lights Camera Read Library Project as well as the 5M Methodology!

Your Right Brain Creativity

Both Sides

You have likely heard that your right brain holds the key to your creativity and the arts, while your left side of your brain is more focused on logic, science and mathematics. Truth be told, both have everything to do with BOTH sides of your brain.

Right Needs Left

You need both sides to create and innovate. Creating can include composing an opera for example. But did you know that music is all about numbers, which are located in your left brain?

You Have the Tools

Going forward, don’t ever worry that you are not creative enough, because you are. And with it you are using both your right and left brain. You have the tools to do what you want.

Coronavirus Feeling Caged


It’s a horror film of sort. The kind where a disease is spread or could spread unless something is done about it. Of course, at this point the disease has spread and many of us are in lockdown.


For some being in quarantined makes them feel caged. There is a strong desire to go outside as well as a fear of doing so. And that fear is justified. It is unknown what will happen if you mingle with people at the social distancing of 6 feet with a mask on.

Caged Versus Death

Scary movies often have scary villain who are out to find and kill people. We are living that scary movie right now, only instead of being pursued by zombies we are being chased by COVID-19. Should we venture out or stay inside and feel caged?

Continuing to Analyze the Thrillumentary Project

A Little Known Fact

A little known fact that as the days passed both before the shoot and after, I was speaking into a camera lens every night creating the video curriculum for those who had signed up on our eLearning site to track the progress and possibly apply the techniques to their own projects.

Videos Tracking a Process

It was fun making those videos because as I would film them my wife and our young daughter would inevitably make cameo appearances in the background. One day I might release these tapes as a series online. Their prior use could only be viewed by those taking the course.

They Might Come Back

If you have an interest in seeing these tapes please let us know. If enough of you respond we may bring them back again.

Make a Movie with Your Phone


And thus the pursuit continues: make a movie with your phone. Those of us with phones – and as you know there are many – our using them in new ways on a continual basis. So much technology so little time.


One thing that is happening more and more, is the use of a smart phone to create motion pictures. Thrillumentary, the creative experiment, did so. Much of the material that  was filmed did so with a phone.

Add an Editing App

What does this mean to public? It is an indication that you really can just pick up your phone and hit record and be on your way to creating your own motion picture. Just add an editing app and you are all set.

Can a Thrillumentary Be Funny?

First Things First

Before attempting to answer the question whether or not a Thrillumentary can be funny, let’s initially define what a Thrillumentary is. To us, a Thrillumentary is part thriller and part documentary, hence Thrill-Umentary. We are dealing with a genre that in a sense could involve both the serious thrilling storytelling of a thriller, as well as the compelling content of a documentary.

Maybe Develop a New Genre

So that in itself could be transposed into being funny because of the juxtaposition between overly serious thrilling storyline and documentary’s (some would say) less than stellar subdivision known as the clearly not real “reality” of a reality show. Merging the two humorous offspring could be considered a so-called thrilling unreality reality show.

The So-Called Thrilling Unreality Reality Show

The thought process that brought us to our new merged genre known as the “So-Called Thrilling Unreality Reality Show” is just one way of reaching a premise that can potentially produce comedy. Use your imagination and you will be able to come up with many more.

Merging Two Ideas

But for our purposes we need now to convert the idea of an Un-Thrilling Unreality Reality Show Thriller into something comedic. What does this premise suggest to you? For the sake of demonstration we will attempt to do our own merging of the two ideas.

Our Quickly Put Together Premise

We came up with the humorous (not) premise of someone who is in denial, mistakenly thinking they are living the life of a thriller hero on their own, totally not real “reality” show. A character like this might be always telling people how thrilling his life is and then in private tries to set up “real life” thrilling situations to prove to others that he is indeed partaking in a thrilling lifestyle, which clearly it is not (for one thing he still lives in his mother’s basement).

Comedy Born of Premise

The comedy then comes out of him not being thrilling at all but trying to push this idea onto other people, which leads to him accidentally revealing something for all to see that proves otherwise. But even when this happens he attempts to cover it up and continues trying to convince people that he is thrilling and that the show he’s on is “totally spontaneous” and real with no part of it planned out (though he is seen planning it continually).

Maybe Not the Funniest Premise Ever

Hopefully from our quickly written premise you get the idea which is that funny can come out of someone believing one thing and not being that thing at all.

A General Winding Down

Or even more generalized, comedy can be two things that normally wouldn’t be seen together, somehow coexisting as explored in the latest NYC Workshops post that takes a look at creating comedy. If it amuses you, you might want to play around with this stuff and see what you can come up with.

How to Start Making Your Feature Film Quickly

Removing the Barriers of Entry

Thrillumentary is the movie that was made by one person (in conjunction with our video, film web production company), with the only other people being required were actors. Why do this? Because we believe everyone is creative and everyone has a movie in them that needs to be made. And by removing the barriers to entry, we create a doable path. In other words, the less things to worry about the more easily you will have it to pursue your filmmaking goals! But don’t stop there. You can even create your own awards show like we did as seen here, enabling us to give awards to our cast and crew (if you have one).

Taking the Leap

Hence when doing Thrillumentary from concept to script to casting to shooting, we gave students interested in the process a window into our system, hopefully inspiring others to take the leap into feature film-dom.

A Secret Process

We had folks from all over the country tuning in on a weekly basis for approximately 78 weeks to our latest “behind-the-scenes” of making a micro movie. Those taking the 78 episodes “course” were each given a secret code.

The Code Leading to Dream Realization

With this code they would be able to log in, just like an online course, because it was an online course, be it a very LONG course. We used the Thinkific platform to track our journey and connect with students along the way. Of course we did have the edge of having access to video, film and web equipment.

Just Start with No Excuses

At any rate, we learned a lot, some of which we’d like to share with you. The first and most important thing is to start right now. If you don’t have a script write one. If you don’t have filmmaking equipment then find an aspiring director or DP who does. We not only apply this philosophy to our movies but also to starting things like the earlier mentioned awards show. It’s also the approach we used when founding our video, film web production company.

Make the Movie YOU Would Want to See and are Passionate About

Another thing is to stop worrying and obsessing on whether or not you are making a movie that is “commercial.” You don’t want to make a “one glove fits all feature.” No, you want to make a film that has a VERY specific audience.

Finding Shared Passions

Think about what kind of person would enjoy the film the most. Start this thinking even as you write the script. Write your screenplay about something you’re passionate about. Next, search for people who have the same passion for the subject that you do.

Reaching Your Audience

Figure out how to reach them and get their email addresses via having a newsletter. Make them into your “collaborators” in the sense that each week you email them with behind-the-scenes news. This can start even before you have a script! If you do this correctly you’ll have a big audience ready to eventually pay for and view your movie on sites such as Amazon.

Just Do It

But the most important advice is to JUST DO IT. Jump in and don’t stop.

You Have Options

Oh, and another thing, if your film is no budget and you have to beg borrow and steal for things like cameras and locations, it’s okay to bring in more people. You can still be the main force and helm the film! You don’t necessarily have to be the only person working on it! It’s all optional of course!

Important Media Elements

All Forms of Motion and Animation

The original Thrillumentary mission had to do with doing the film experiment for which documentation was done daily in the form of an eCourse, lasting over a year and a half. Now that, that’s been completed successfully, the new goal is to use the power of video and other forms of animation (animated GIFs etc.) to make a difference in marketing.

Animation Can Sometimes Mean More Sales

One form of animation that exists as of this writing, is the animated logo and slogan of This has proven to be an eye catcher and seems to have had a part in increasing engagement with the site visitors.

People Love Quizzes

So now Thrillumentary has joined forces with and (eLearning) to explore all forms of engagement that are possible. One such success story is the interactive quiz on the site.

Tongue Firmly in Cheek

This quiz asks you 10 questions about you and how you are with website companies and then lets you know at the end if you’d be a good fit with USA create. Of course all of this is meant to be tongue in cheek, and it appears it is being taken as such.

The MultiMedia Movie Making Matrix and Methodology

The reason for’s involvement is that ultimately there is an interest among all participants in being able to make projects such that they easily convert into online courses.¬† This would be similar to the way that Thrillumentary was on making documentation into installments of the MultiMedia Movie Making Matrix and Methodology.


Most solutions coming out of this partnership are more likely than not to be marketing and promotion oriented. This will be done with lessons taken from the website “How to Get New Customers” (


We at Thrillumentary are, well, thrilled to be a part of this collaboration. We think it is very important that marketing evolves as changes in technology occur. Ever day there is a new way to be in touch with potential customers as well as existing ones.

Getting in Touch

If you have any questions regarding all of this feel free to get in touch with us by subscribing to the Newsletter.

Thrillumentary Deemed a Success

Thrillumentary Did What it Was Supposed to Do

After much analysis we’ve returned to our original determination which is that despite the audio and editing not being completed, Thrillumentary did was it was supposed to do. And not only do just we think so, the Stamas Bros do as well. And not only the bros, so does the think tank from USA eLearning.

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

The real goal of Thrillumentary was to study the process that had been developed to enable an individual to be able to do a full length motion picture with no crew and only actors. This means that one person is a writer, director, producer, actor and so forth.

Remote Viewing by Students

The entire year and a half of the experience was documented both in audio and written form which was a class open to the public online. Participation occurred with folks from all over the world including Australia.

You Do as I Do

The idea being that by seeing how the Thrillumentary filmmaker was doing a movie, the viewer of the process could learn how to do it as well.

Thinkific for Phase One

Thinkific was employed as the L.M.S. of choice (Learning Management System), meaning that audio recordings and PDFs were uploaded to later be downloaded by course participants such as the Stamas Bros.

USA eLearning

Some members of the think tank that spawned the project have gone on to start a new entity known as USA eLearning that will be offering services, eBooks and courses to hand picked people from the general public or inside recommendations.

An eBook is Coming

USA eLearning is slated to release an eBook first. The topic will be Internet Guerrilla Marketing. They are also working on a complete eCourse, but as of this writing there is no sense of when the release date will be.

And the Search Continues

What is known is that there is a lot of enthusiasm for this endeavor. Our best of luck to all concerned!

USAcreate Emerges in New York City

It’s big news that the Platinum PIAs event is now going to be called the Awards Show, but that’s not the only story!


Realizing Your Dream

We’re not the first to get wind of this story out but we may be the most passionate. Very exciting news: is emerging. It means that all those who have an American Dream will, via, be able to use marketing online to get closer and closer to realizing that dream. The slogan by sums it all up: “USA Create Your American Dream Online.”

Breaking out the News After Around Eight Months

It’s incredible how quickly time passes but it’s already been around eight months since last we last left a post. We took a much needed rest after being in the thick off creating a movie using our special process. But we had to break the silence to give you the news that is finally here!

We have the Inside Track

We have to admit we had an inside track regarding We know one of the members of the Blogger Coalition that is working with them. You see, has partnerships with various bloggers and blogs to get out a message of positivity and hope for America. And they’re doing it by supporting blogs in ways that include hosting, marketing and other services at no cost. They are doing so because they believe that it is through unified movements like the Blogger Coalition that it becomes possible to get the word out.

The Blogger Coalition

You may know that the founder of manages the Blogger Coalition which consists of over 30 blogs. Some of these blogs are for clients and others are designated for community purposes and in house projects. What you may not have heard about is that the mission of the Coalition is to not only to give visibility to those who are making a difference, but it is also one of the most direct pathways to becoming nominated for a Platinum PIA (the event that is now called The Awards Show)! So much changes in just eight months!