NYC Create gives insight into movie budget strategies meaning our prior given concept regarding raising funds for your motion picture are now outdated. You still need to think like an artistic entrepreneur or artisticpreneur, but now with the new tax law going the small nonprofit arts organization may not be the way to go. The new tax code will likely cause the collective loss in the billions of dollars especially for small nonprofit arts organizations that rely on middle income donors to stay afloat. This is because these donors will no longer have the motivation to donate due to now not itemizing deductions and using instead the standard deduction. This means the filmmaker of today, if he or she wants to get a budget for the film, will have to rely on another strategy. NYC Create, the new information site for artisticpreneurs to “create their creative career” has informed Thrillumentary that a suggested approach for moviemakers to raise financing is to look first at digital distribution. You may need to look at digital distribution and assess it from the standpoint of what you think you can do in terms of driving traffic to online venues selling views of your film. This means you could consider coming up with a number based on views you think you can achieve and then backtrack to form your budget. In fairness, your budget should be less than what you think your movie can bring in. This final number is what you can seek as an investment from investors. Of course, we’re not lawyers and cannot give you legal advice or otherwise, so if you are considering taking this path it is best to consult with experts before doing so. Also, if you would like more information on how to promote yourself, build your audience and ultimately monetize your art check out the newsletter available at NYC Create.