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Sponsorship for Your Creative Project
Sponsorship for Your Creative Project

“Thrillumentary” was a movie, the producing of which was done to explore a new filmmaking process. But whether you are producing a motion picture or another creative project, a form of financing to consider is sponsorship. The idea of sponsorship is detailed in the latest Art Gush course as well as in an article found on the website “ArtisticPreneur.”

The info piece seen in “ArtisticPreneur” covers in detail the steps to take to achieve sponsorship. Also included in these steps is a look at how to leverage eBooks for the development of your creative project. So if you are doing a creative project of any kind this article is worth checking out.

Author: Thrillumentary

The filmmakers behind the documystery movie process experiment known as "Thrillumentary," wish to thank Judith O'Dea for generously giving of her time in person to speak with us regarding the filmmaking process used on the movie she starred in which is the 1968 version of "Night of the Living Dead."