We will be giving a university lecture next month as a part of a State University of New York, Empire State College clinic on arts and entertainment. The topic will be “How to Get Funding for Your Movie or Creative Project.”

This will be ushering in the new wave of funding for movies working with nonprofit rather than for-profit organizations.

Although it is a bit of a spoiler (though there will be much more information at the lecture), we are going to give you the 3 steps you need to take to raise funds for your project if you are a nonprofit or have a nonprofit umbrella.

Remember, getting a nonprofit umbrella is easy working through such service organizations as Fractured Atlas. This will mean that you are able to accept donations for your movie or creative project and the donor can write off the donation on his or her taxes.

Here now are the three steps:

  1. First off take care of old while you bring in new. Now find the right fit because you need to be presenting what it is you do to an appropriate like-minded audience.
  2. Next engage that audience in something interactive. How do you somehow get them involved in what you are doing?
  3. Now interact with them. Figure out a way to continue to interact with them. Develop in the mind of the potential donor a reason why they would want to be involved with your project. Listen to their needs and desires. Remember, be a solution to their problems and you’ll be able to make “the ask.” Next repeat the 3 step process.

Hope this was helpful.