Look. Pursuing a profession you are passionate about takes a lot of time both in terms of education, building experience and ultimately doing the position. Let’s say for example your big dream was to be a magician, but because of how the realities of work and life are, it became clear you were better more likely to be successful and be able to take care of your family if you started a business for which you were better experienced in and could do blindfolded. But what if you still had gnawing regret of not putting on the top hat and tails and saying “poof” a lot? The solution could be as easy as writing a movie or play about a magician. That way you in a sense live the life of a magician by writing about it, then can later have the satisfaction of seeing someone in a sense play you as a magic entertainer In fact, you could start with writing a live theater piece which is usually easier to do than making a motion picture because all you need are actors and a theater space. And you could always adapt it for the screen later. An example of this kind of project in progress is a script that is currently being written entitled Superstar Magician being done by Celebrity Strategy theatre company initially as a reading.