First Things First

Before attempting to answer the question whether or not a Thrillumentary can be funny, let’s initially define what a Thrillumentary is. To us, a Thrillumentary is part thriller and part documentary, hence Thrill-Umentary. We are dealing with a genre that in a sense could involve both the serious thrilling storytelling of a thriller, as well as the compelling content of a documentary.

Maybe Develop a New Genre

So that in itself could be transposed into being funny because of the juxtaposition between overly serious thrilling storyline and documentary’s (some would say) less than stellar subdivision known as the clearly not real “reality” of a reality show. Merging the two humorous offspring could be considered a so-called thrilling unreality reality show.

The So-Called Thrilling Unreality Reality Show

The thought process that brought us to our new merged genre known as the “So-Called Thrilling Unreality Reality Show” is just one way of reaching a premise that can potentially produce comedy. Use your imagination and you will be able to come up with many more.

Merging Two Ideas

But for our purposes we need now to convert the idea of an Un-Thrilling Unreality Reality Show Thriller into something comedic. What does this premise suggest to you? For the sake of demonstration we will attempt to do our own merging of the two ideas.

Our Quickly Put Together Premise

We came up with the humorous (not) premise of someone who is in denial, mistakenly thinking they are living the life of a thriller hero on their own, totally not real “reality” show. A character like this might be always telling people how thrilling his life is and then in private tries to set up “real life” thrilling situations to prove to others that he is indeed partaking in a thrilling lifestyle, which clearly it is not (for one thing he still lives in his mother’s basement).

Comedy Born of Premise

The comedy then comes out of him not being thrilling at all but trying to push this idea onto other people, which leads to him accidentally revealing something for all to see that proves otherwise. But even when this happens he attempts to cover it up and continues trying to convince people that he is thrilling and that the show he’s on is “totally spontaneous” and real with no part of it planned out (though he is seen planning it continually).

Maybe Not the Funniest Premise Ever

Hopefully from our quickly written premise you get the idea which is that funny can come out of someone believing one thing and not being that thing at all.

A General Winding Down

Or even more generalized, comedy can be two things that normally wouldn’t be seen together, somehow coexisting as explored in the latest NYC Workshops post that takes a look at creating comedy. If it amuses you, you might want to play around with this stuff and see what you can come up with.